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Let's get acquainted! Take a free trial lesson, we will determine your language proficiency, and you will see how online classes are held.

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We provide visa support to our students although citizens from 74 states have a right to stay in Belarus without visa up to 30 days. If you plan to study longer, please click below for free consultation.


Would you like to be chauffeured easily and comfortably from the airport to your accommodation place? We will pick you up at the airport so you can feel safe and save your time.


We will arrange accommodation for you! We collaborate with hostels, hotels and estate agencies and we are very glad to welcome our guests. You can also stay in native speakers’ family.


The exam offers an opportunity to assess your Russian language level covering all it’s major aspects. You will be able to study and work in Russian speaking countries, take masters and PhD program in Russian, take part in international exchange programs and internships.


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About leader

School of Russian language Leader is the biggest private educational centre for adults

We work in 27 cities of Belarus, use modern technologies and have experienced teachers. We are one of the schools that invites foreigners to study Russian to safe and beautiful country, where everyone speaks Russian. More than 500 companies trust us to teach their employers.

Our teachers are professional experts with great experience devoted to their jobs.

Our school is located in the heart of the Minsk

The Leader is located in historical building in the city center.

You can enjoy shopping, traditional meal and sights downtown.

It is a great opportunity to immerse into Belarusian culture, explore different places and practice Russian with native speakers.

Also Minsk is certainly a destination for nature lovers. Parks and green zones can be found everywhere in the city, thus the air is pure and fresh.


Test of Russian as foreign language
We are acredited TRKI exam center

TORFL exam has been developed to standardize the teaching system for foreign citizens in Russian speaking countries and to include it in the unified educational sphere of Europe. The certificate given with the exam results has official status both in Russia and Europe.

As the other major international exams, TRKI assesses the language level in different aspects – grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension, speaking and listening.

It will be easier for you to find work in Russian speaking countries, especially in companies with Russian partnerships. Fluent Russian will increase your chances to find interesting job broaden your career opportunities.


Elena Yablonskaya

Elena has around 20 years of teaching experience. She graduated from Belarusian State University and did master’s in teaching methodology in Germany and advanced trainings in Turkey. She is a supervisor of corporate training and has graduates in such international companies as IKEA and NAFTAN.

Why should you study russian with us?

We have certified teachers only. Every teacher motivates and monitors the progress to help you overcome the language barrier!
We have created package discount system for our students.
Learn Russian in the country where everyone speaks Russia.
Learn Russian in the country where everyone speaks Russian.
Visa support or visa-free entrance for 74 countries.


Educational Courses #1 in Belarus

Educational courses by the Leader Educational Center including the School of Russian as a Foreign Language Leader were officially awarded with the #1 Educational Courses Title in Belarus. On the 26th of November the International Choice of the Year festival awarding ceremony was held in Minsk.

School of Russian Leader at the ICEF Workshops in Berlin

The school of russian as a foreign language Leader has always had the tradition of taking part in the ICEF Workshops in Berlin. Evere year thousand of educational professionals meet in Berlin. In 2015 the ICEF Workshop in Berlin is expected to bring sugnificant results. These mostly would be the search for new partners.

People's Brand award

From 2015 to 2020 the Educational Center Leader was awarded with the People's Brand Title in Belarus. The honorary title of People's Brand Award is the third title which is decided on the basis of consumer preferences studies. The Educational Center Leader has already been confirmed as Educational Courses #1 in Belarus by consumers for three times.

Lider is the acredited TORFL exam center

TORFL Eexam was created with the aim of standardising the teaching system for foreign citizens in Russia and the inclusion of Russia in the unified educational sphere of Europe.The certificate given with the exam results has official status both in Russia and Europe.

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10 любопытных фактах о Масленице

Масленица – традиционный старинный праздник восточных славян. Отмечается он несколько дней подряд: начинается за неделю до Великого поста и длится вплоть до его начала. В народе Масленица подразумевает массовые гуляния с элементами обрядов из славянской мифологии. В наши дни этот праздник означает проводы зимы.

Уровни русского языка: на каком нахожусь я?

Многие иностранные граждане, приезжая в Беларусь или Российскую Федерацию задаются вопросом: достаточно ли у меня знаний русского языка, чтобы устроиться на работу или поступить в высшее учебное заведение? Для оценки актуальных знания языка существует простой подход – разделять изучающих язык в зависимости от уровня их подготовки на три группы (уровня): начальный пользователь языком (А), самостоятельный пользователь (B), опытный пользователь (С).

Учите русский, отдыхая: 7 советских мультфильмов, которые помогут понимать разговорную речь лучше

Для всех, кто стремится освоить великий русский язык полезно использовать дополнительные методы обучения. Среди них есть очень даже приятные. Например, просмотр мультфильмов. Это не только интересно, но и отлично развивает навыки разговорного языка. Лексика в этом жанре проста и доступна, помогает понять юмор и развить понимание речи на слух. Небольшой совет: можно найти вариант с субтитрами, чтобы еще и видеть, как пишутся слова. Мы подготовили подборку из легендарных советских мультипликационных фильмов, которые станут вашими помощниками в изучении русского языка.